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Before EIA481 was recommended, there was Argosy; that’s why we say Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.  Since 1981, Argosy predates the Surface Mount Taping standard.  To the best of our knowledge, we are the oldest tape and reeling provider in the USA as well as one of the oldest carrier tape manufacturers. 

We process most any type of device from 0201’s up to parts that fit in 120mm carrier tape, and with the wide range of carrier tapes we make and stock, there is an excellent chance we have carrier tape to fit your devices.  We do stock about 10,000 reels of tape at any given time, but we also make that tape.

If you have a custom part, we also manufacture thousands of different carrier tapes and with our in house design and machining capability, we can make a custom tape for almost any part.

Please visit our Quality Page for more information on how we handle your devices and provide you with the service and quality you need.

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