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Our Default process standard is EIA468C.  Argosy can process a wide variety of devices because of our large selection of tooling.  Here are some of the common lead spacing’s we have available:

Some of our Standard Lead Spacings are:

0.50", 0.80", 0.100", 0.140", 0.200" and 0.250".

Leads on radial leaded devices typically must be at least12mm long successfully tape them to EIA468C standards.

We also have an extensive range of lead forming capabilities. All we need is a dimensional drawing of the unformed device and the formed format you need. We can confirm if we have the correct die sets, or quote for a new die set to accommodate your needs.

Please visit our Quality Page for more information on how we handle your devices and provide you with the service and quality you need.

Please email us today for a quote.