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Argosy Industries is one of the most experienced contract tape and reel service providers in the industry. Since 1981, we have provided services for hundreds of customers.

We began by providing services for Axial and Radial components and then moved into surface mount components in 1983. We are one of the few subcontractors who still provide service for axial, radial and surface mount components.

Argosy uses some of the best tape and reel equipment available. Our state of the art equipment can provide taping for all tube and tray product. Top side mark inspection and implied coplanarity are available "in line" on most equipment. We can provide automated taping services on all package types from the smallest SOT to fine pitch QFP packages, all with maximum quality control and minimal handling.

All our jobs are processed to meet or exceed the requirements of EIA 481, however special requests are never a problem. Our work order system defines special requirements once they have been established. These requirements are then transferred to our internal work order without additional input from our customers.

When Argosy talks about superior service, that is exactly what we mean! We want our customers to be satisfied with all aspects of our service. Our standard turnaround time is 48 hours. However, if you need it sooner we can do one day and same day turns without sacrificing quality and you will never see an expedite charge from Argosy.

We know customers are busy and sometimes do not have the time to make the phone call to find out when their job will be returned. Which is why we can provide daily updates electronically via e-mail to all our customers informing them of return dates on all jobs in-house. We want you to be satisfied and we believe our service can do just that.


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