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Quality Systems and ISO Certification

Argosy Industries, Inc. understands quality and carries the latest ISO 9001 certification. As a leader in the electronic packaging industry our services from carrier fabrication to tape and reel production, our operators perform each process adhering to the quality standards of ISO 9001. Quality records of each process are recorded and maintained as part of our quality system management process.

Argosy understands that packaging is the last process in your product flow and each order is 100% inspected by qualified inspectors before shipping to verify that they meet our rigid quality standards. Procedures, labeling specifications, data collection, pricing and delivery are reviewed and agreed upon prior to processing a customer order.

Argosy understands the necessary quality requirements in carrier fabrication. Argosy fabricates much of the material required for our tape and reel service and the daily use of our products in our tape and reel production services provides a unique opportunity to critique and examine our finished products and allows a continuous product improvement process. Few other carrier tape suppliers can make this claim.

View our ISO Certification.


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