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Laser Mark & Lead Inspection

We understand the importance of lead integriy and topside marking. We have quipment which can verify topside mark and lead integrity. If this is important to your process, we can meet your requirements.

Topside marking verifies anything you want on the top of the component. We can look at the part number to make sure that parts are not mixed; we can verify date code or lot code to ensure that products are not intermingled; we can check pin one orientation. Anything that is on the component can be verified. If an incorrect device is detected, the taping machine will stop processing until a good unit replaces the bad unit. Topside marking performed at no addition cost.

Lead inspection can be done in the carrier tape pocket, tube to tube, or tray to tray. Argosy can meet all your lead scan requirements.

We have equipment to verify fine pitch QFP's or standard SOJ packages and all packages in between. We know that we are the last stop for your components and you want only quality products at your end customer location. We use our state of the art equipment to give you peace of mind knowing that what is on tape and reel meets your lead integrity requirements. Whatever your criteria, we have the equiment to do the job right.


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